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ISG: Capture the Sun

The unique beauty of Plush Oregon Sunstone

It's a gemstone unlike anything else on earth. It's history goes back much further than most realize as it was prized by the Native Americans on the Oregon High Desert long before the European immigrants showed up to take over the place. Millions of dollars have been spent in a vain but fruitless effort to duplicate it in some Chinese laboratory, that in spite of the marketing success of that fraud still failed to duplicate its beauty. Throughout all of this the Plush Oregon Sunstone stands as one of the truly remarkable gifts of Mother Earth because it offers a unique beauty that only nature can create. Indeed the Oregon Sunstone is the only gemstone on earth that can truly claim to capture the sun with its brilliance. Although the red and green colors have been highly marketed due to their extreme rarity, in truth the schiller of copper creates the true Oregon Sunstone that is the foundation of this multi-dimensional gemstone. As seen below, it is this rare combination of copper and feldspar that makes for this unique member of the gemstone world.
It is this brilliant sunlight effect that sets the Plush Oregon Sunstone apart. And the material specifically from the Rabbit Basin around Plush, Oregon produces by far the most intense and beautiful Oregon Sunstone. But beyond this, in this day and age of undisclosed gemstone treatments it is also important to know that the Oregon Sunstone is not treated in any way. None. Every stone is seen exactly as it comes from the earth. Guaranteed. Few gemstones can make that claim and actually provide prima facie evidence to back it up. Plush Oregon Sunstone is the real deal. What you see is exactly what you get.
To understand the rarity and uniqueness of the Plush Oregon Sunstone, we need to cover the issue of just how rare it is to find copper of this nature in a feldspar. As has been published in many articles to date, to find copper as a coloring element in a gemstone of any type is rare. But to find it in the formation and structure that is found in Plush Oregon Sunstone is quite literally unique in the world. This extremely rare occurrence of copper being present during, and perhaps after, the formation of these feldspar crystals is an exceptionally rare event geologically, and gives the Plush Oregon Sunstone a place in the gemstone world that only it can hold. Mainly because every Plush Oregon Sunstone is unique. No two are ever exactly alike, because each was individually influenced by a unique percent and location of copper in its crystal structure. Every Plush Oregon Sunstone is unique as seen below in this image also seen in the banner of this edition.
I want to take you on a brief journey into a Plush Oregon Sunstone to get a first hand view through my microscope of just why the Plush Oregon Sunstone is able to capture the sun. At left you see a Plush Oregon Sunstone from the Double Eagle #16 mine. I personally dug this one out of the ground during our ISG Rush to Plush trip. Below is a journey by slide into this stone using a variety of lighting angles to allow you to see just why this gemstone is so unique. The brilliance of the stone is due to the copper, but it is the unique combination of copper, lighting and viewing angles that make the brilliance happen. Take just a few minutes and travel from 10x to 120x with variable lighting with me. What you are seeing in this slide show below......you will not find in any other gemstone. What you are seeing below is unique on this earth.
I also want to point out that all of the specimens you see in this edition came from the Double Eagle #16 and Dust Devil Mines in Plush Oregon. And they were all dug and sorted by hand straight out of the Oregon High Desert in the methods you see below with John Aldrich of the Double Eagle #16 during my most recent trip there.

Below left is John Aldrich of the Double Eagle #16, and below right is Don Buford and Terry Clark of the Dust Devil mine. They don't always look quite so stoic. I believe when the image was taken of Don and Terry they had just got the news that their Cat Bulldozer had just broke down. That is always bad news because out on the Oregon High Desert there are no service stations or repair centers. These guys are on their own to dig some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world out of a very harsh environment. They are a tough crew, but the nicest people you will ever find.

Editorial Comment

I am going to end this edition by first informing the industry that in the matter of Direct Shopping Network -v- Robert James, et al....we have finally prevailed. DSN chose not to file an appeal to the California Supreme Court so the ruling by the California Appeals Court stands. I have prevailed in that lawsuit, and have won my legal costs from Art Garabedian.

But why did DSN lose? If Direct Shopping Network and Andegem were truly getting a copper bearing sunstone from the Tibet desert, why in four years could they not make a legal case and prove their claim. The reason: copper bearing Tibet andesine does not actually exist naturally. Its all lab created. Think about that. For all of the claimed research that was published by GIA Gems and Gemology, the Tibet expedition claims by Abduriyim, Hughes, Laurs, Schorr, et al.....all of it, the entirety of all of the GIA published work on this issue of a Tibet andesine mine....none of it stood in a court of law to make the case that this Tibet andesine mine actually exists.

Simply stated: The totality of these folk's efforts could not prove something that was simply not true.

The fact...that has stood up in court.....is that the only place to get copper bearing Plush Oregon Sunstone is from the Oregon High Desert around the Plush, Oregon area. This is the only place on earth to find true Oregon Sunstone with the unique properties and beauty that only this unique member of the gemstone world can offer.

For those interested, I am writing that book I promised: Tibet Andesine, The Hidden Truth. But that is for sometime next year. For now, if you want to promote and sell a unique gemstone that is absolutely natural and untreated, provides jobs to the grass root mining community in Oregon and is one of the most beautiful and unique gemstones on this earth....contact the Plush Oregon Mines below. They sell the one gemstone that truly Captures the Sun!


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