Yellow Emerald...


The rest of the story.....

 This is just a short followup to our eNewsletter today on the Yellow Emerald. We have been avalanched with responses....which was the anticipated result.

The point is everyone....we need uniform standards in this industry regarding gemstone trade and marketing names. Uniform Standards. Otherwise we can have Yellow Emeralds,  Blue Rubies, or perhaps even Yellow Aquamarines.

I like these stones from the newsletter today, but if I look at the legal....the LEGAL issues of the name, there are none. Why? Because there are no uniform standards in this industry regarding gemstone names.

We need to unify this industry under one organization with the power to establish Uniform Standards for the industry. Otherwise we will continue to have Yellow Emerald, Blue Ruby and on and on ad nauseum.

 Just a follow up. I don't really care about the name of this gemstone any more than a Grape Garnet or Mardi Gras Tanzanite. What I care about is that there are no uniform standards by which the industry operates.

That was the purpose of the newsletter today, and to report our findings on this new yellow beryl or whatever you want to call it. Without a set of Uniform Standards in this industry, there is not one soul who can say its wrong. Think about it.....


Apparently quite a few of you did. Thank you.

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